Designers Presented by Clio

Carmen Vollebergh

Sustainable, unconventional jewelry that pays respect to its traditional craftsmanship that does not go unnoticed.

5 Octobre

Inspired by fashion, contemporary art and travel. ONLY AVAILABLE IN STORE.

Coming Soon

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Negentiennegentig’s philosophy includes principles of asymmetry, roughness, and simplicity.

Gem Kingdom

Based in The Netherlands, Gem Kingdom brings exclusive jewelry, combining unusual materials with a rich and original style.

Von Eusersdorff

The empire state of fragrances. The olfactory opuses by Von Eusersdorff are exclusive, high fashionable, and a must for every perfume lover.

Helena Rohner

It is in our hand that jewelry craft takes place.

Atelier 11

Concept, colour, humour: jewelry as a statement.


A luxury jewelry label that empowers daring women with wearable statement pieces, inspired by architecture and global culture. Minimalistic aesthetics and refined timeless pieces.

Isabel Marant

A single minded love for high fashion and high fashion jewelry.

Gilbert Gilbert

Simplicity as a principle.

Gabriel Guevara

The crafted concepts by GABRIEL + GUEVARA spring forth from the archetypal dichotomy between clarity and darkness.


Jewelry designed with a strong focus on graphic shapes.

Laura Prickett

Handmade jewels and curiosities, where jewel fantasy meets reality.

Iris Claessens

Creating an awareness of our mortality through use of natural elements, Iris uses jewelry as a kind of emotional statement. Her feelings become her jewelry.

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