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Bert and Patricia breathe jewelry. Bert, one of the founders of Clio, presented designer jewelry collections at Clio from the beginning. Many of today's famous brands saw their retail birth in the store. The successful retail activities were soon expanded with wholesale activities. Bert has also worked as a freelancer for brands such as Wouters and Hendrix, Gem Kingdom, and Ricardo Gotti.

Patrice started as a working student at Clio. Jewelry made her heart beat faster. To nobodies surprise she applied for the tradeschool in Schoonhoven, where she obtained her diploma as a a jeweler and gold and silversmith. Antwerp became her new base where she worked for Wouters and Hendrix for a number of years. For the last 10 years she and Bert have formed the beating heart of Clio.

clio-unit @ work

A Master at Work

Paying attention to every small detail.

The Tools

Carefully crafted with the right tools.

Expert Craftsmanship

High end jewelry made with passion. Clio with love.

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